“All you need is love; love is all you need” Do you need another reason to celebrate Global Beatles day on June 25? The biggest band in music history certainly deserves its day. Learn more about here and sing along!

Global Beatles Day
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June 25 is Global Beatles Day or World Beatles Day, and it’s certainly an international celebration. The British quartet still has millions of fans worldwide.

More than a way to remember the influential band, this is a day to stand up for what they advocated all along, peace and harmony. There’s no doubt the Beatles were more than insanely popular musicians; they used the stage to make the world a better place.

Today is Beatles Day, and that means you’ll see hundreds if not thousands of tribute bands playing at bars globally, some in your very own neighborhood. And although this is not a ‘fandom’ day but a date to come together in a yellow submarine of fraternity and fellowship, many fans are surely taking the pubs to twist and shout.

Every day is Beatles day for the fans — senior citizens or in their early teens. That’s the Beatlemania right there; it’s a multi-generational phenomenon. Global Beatles Day is here to remind us that everyone can make a change, that music is always more than music, and that we can all put aside our differences for the greater good. All while having fun at the same time!

John, Paul, George and Ringo, we salute you and will make sure Global Beatles Day won’t go unnoticed. Let’s put on our favorite Beatles song and sing along because the Beatles music is not only redolent of our fondest memories but also uplifting! Hello Liverpool!

History of Global Beatles Day

Global Beatles Day was created in 2009 to honor the phenomenon and philosophy of the Beatles. Their music was a gift to the world, but it also was a wake-up call — we must come together, right now, and make some changes in our messed-up world.

June 25 was chosen because ‘All You Need Is Love’ first aired on the BBC network that date, the first live global TV broadcast that reached 400 million people. The date was June 25, 1967 — and that same afternoon, the Beatles literally reached the entire world with a message of fraternal love.

Today, 2500 Beatle fans organize Global Beatles Day with events, concerts and social media campaigns. You can help too, just share your favorite Beatles song on your social profile and invite everyone to give peace a chance!

How to Celebrate Global Beatles Day

Be part of the Beatles’ legacy by connecting with others and cause a big ripple; the message is ‘All you need is love.’ Everything from get-togethers at home to live concerts goes.

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