Firefighters' Day

May 4 is National Firefighters’ Day, a way to say thank you to the highly trained people that act when they’re most needed. Here’s all you need to know about this date and the heroes who deserve it.

Is celebrated every May 4, and it’s a way to thank the people that risk their lives for the community. Still, it’s also a day to remember the firefighters that have given their lives trying to save others.

There are over one million fires every year, only in the US. An average of 3,500 people dies in those fires.

To counter this, there are 29,705 fire departments, which mainly comprise volunteer firefighters. That’s around 1,115,000 firefighters in America alone. In the past year, 62 firefighters died on duty.

These facts are important because we never think about firefighters until we need them. Still, they’re on the clock 24/7 to take care of the community. Do you need more reasons to celebrate and commemorate firefighters?

Firefighters’ Day is more than necessary, so go out there and buy these guys a coke. Better yet, make their jobs easier by not messing around with fire. Did you know 50% of residential fires are related to cooking?

Not that things are essential, but fires cause 15 billion dollars in losses every year, so don’t go playing with fire. Instead, celebrate this day by being mindful of the fire risks at home. Donate to your local fire department and pay your respects to those who fell in your town’s fires.

It’s pretty nice that we have days like this. Holidays that really matter and celebrate authentic heroes living among us. Yes, firefighters are heroes and of the coolest kid!

History of Firefighters’ Day

The International Firefighter’s Day is observed on May 4 after a fatal incident that took the lives of five firefighters in Victoria, Australia, in 1999.

Although not the first or the last time a firefighter lost his life in the line of duty, this case was significant. It got the conversation started about an international day to celebrate the lives of firefighters.

The date was chosen because May 4 is the day of St Florian, the patron saint of all firefighters. St Florian was a commander of a firefighting squad in the ancient Roman Empire.

Every International Firefighters’ Day, there’s a ‘Sounds Off’ — fire sirens sound for 30 seconds around the world to raise awareness and to pay homage to the firefighters that have been lost in the line of duty.

If you hear sirens going off, fear not! Pay your respects to your local firefighters instead.

How to Celebrate Firefighters’ Day

Wear a red and blue ribbon to commemorate the firefighters in their day. Red means fire, and blue means water. These are the international colors of fire squads around the world.

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