Father's Day

Let’s celebrate dads around the world on their special day. The third Sunday of June is Father’s Day, and you should celebrate it by getting together with the family, even if it’s just for lunch.

Being a father is more than having a child; you must care and look out for your kids, which means working hard and making time for quality activities. Being a father is a great responsibility and a full-time job. Of course, this is one of the most rewarding jobs you can take.

When was the last time you called your father? Well, today is the day. Perhaps you’re a dad yourself; then congratulations are in order. Let’s make something special for dinner. Actually, this Sunday is perfect for grilling, so let’s hope for clear skies and a radiant sun.

Father’s Day should not be the only day we do something special for dad; you should come up with a fun activity at least once a week. How about watching a game of going out for dinner? While you’re at it, get the family together! Nothing makes dads happier than bringing the bunch together.

Do something special for your dad, and if you’re a father, treat yourself with something nice. Also, today is the perfect day to think about how to become a better parent! Being a father is hard work, and no one teaches you how to do it — that doesn’t mean you can’t get better at it! So, let’s do it!

History of Father’s Day

In 1909, Smart Dodd, a widow raising six children, advocated for the creation of Father’s Day in local churches, the YMCA and the government offices until it became a thing. The first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Washington.

Still, it wasn’t until President Woodrow Wilson made it an official holiday in 1972 that it became a national holiday. Father’s Day is now celebrated in countless countries around the world.

Father’s Day wasn’t an immediate success; the feelings towards them are not as strong as those we express towards our mothers. Also, buying flowers and chocolate for dad is not as common, so the holiday is not as commercial.

In the 1930s, people tried to eliminate both Father’s and Mother’s Day to create Parents Day, but the original holidays proved resilient. In 1972 Richard Nixon made today a federal holiday, and the rest is history.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day

Fire up the grill and make some burgers, bring the family together and get a cake for dad. Father’s Day is all about the family and about reconciliation. We know you don’t always get along with your old pops, but you can always remember what matters most — being there for each other!

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