The first Sunday in June is Cancer Survivors Day, and with increasing rates of all types of cancer, there’s a big chance you know someone who either survived, has been diagnosed with cancer, or was a victim of the disease. Today is the day to help! Here’s what you need to know.

Cancer Survivors Day

The first Sunday in June is Cancer Survivors Day, and this is certainly a day to rejoice! Despite cancer has no cure, the treatments to stop it on its tracks are more efficient every day. Sadly, there are still many people that don’t make it, but many survive!

Today it’s all about celebrating those with the strength and support to overcome one of the deadliest conditions affecting humanity. Cancer is a real threat, taking thousands of lives every year globally.

There’s a real need to create awareness around the topic, as preventing cancer is easy in some cases, and treating it in the early stages results in a high probability of defeating it.

Today is also about inspiring those diagnosed with cancer and their families. There’s always hope, and most cancers can be treated with great survival rates. Still, there’s an imminent need for support by the government, the community, and the families to increase the patient’s chances.

You need not be a cancer survivor to celebrate this day. Perhaps you don’t even know anyone who has survived or currently suffers from the condition, but you can still help spread the word! Anyone can host a Cancer Survivor Day event, and you can help by raising awareness or funds for those who need an extra hand to overcome cancer.

Together we can defeat cancer. We might still not know how to stop it, but we can certainly keep it at bay. Let’s celebrate cancer survivors — let’s celebrate life!

History of Cancer Survivors Day

The first Sunday in June is Cancer Survivors Day, and it’s organized by National Cancer Survivors Day Foundation. In 2021, we’ll celebrate the 34th annual Cancer Survivors Day, and there will be plenty of events going on worldwide.

This is a day to celebrate for those who survived cancer, inspire those diagnosed with the disease, and support patients and their families in any way you can.

The Cancer Survivors Day Foundation gives guidance, education and provides networking through many channels to health professionals, educators, and other members of the community. The objective is to raise awareness about cancer and prove that surviving the dangerous condition is not only possible but more frequent than you think — especially when cancer is detected at early stages.

People who have survived cancer are an inspiration to all of us, and the first Sunday in June is our time to give back all that encouragement with our congratulations.

How to Celebrate Cancer Survivors Day

There are countless ways to be part of today. If you know someone who survived the degenerative disease, have lunch with them! If you know someone still suffering from cancer, show your support!

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