Banana Day

April 21 is the National Banana Day. It’s actually celebrated every third Wednesday of April since 2017, and it’s a day to honor the nutritious fruit, but also about to act a bit silly! Go bananas and learn more about this memorable holiday with a hint of comedy.

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the plant. The tropical yellow treat is native to South West Asia, and it’s one of the most cultivated fruits on the planet.

There are many types of bananas and plantains, and people have bread them for many years to create sweeter examples now with little to no seeds.

The two largest banana importing companies in the world, Chiquita and Fyffes, now working together as Chiquita Fyffes with headquarters in the US, are responsible for most of the banana trade in America and Europe. They sell 16 billion bananas every year.

The company is also responsible for creating Banana Day, celebrated every third Wednesday of April since 2017.

Education about bananas’ nutritional properties is at the holiday’s core; it’s well-known bananas are an essential source of potassium and many other nutrients. Still, Banana Day has also become an opportunity to act silly, especially in Universities where students find fun uses for the yellow fruit and display their creativity every year. Going bananas is all what this day is about and learning about eating healthily is a great plus!

If you’ve never celebrated Banana Day before, don’t worry, there are no written rules. It’s all about pushing yourself to eat fruit more often — bananas are innately funny, but nutrition is no joke.

Eat some bananas and have fun. Not every day is Banana Day, after all. If only all fruits had their day, right? Well, many of them do, so stay tuned!

History of Banana Day

The first country to celebrate Banana Day was Ireland, where the important Fyffes fruit importing company established every third Wednesday of April as a day to commemorate the tropical fruit.

The trend soon became famous thanks to the banana’s innate relation with comedy and versatility in the kitchen. Other international fruit companies, including Dole and Chiquita, soon followed suit, making the date a global phenomenon.

In the words of Emma Hunt-Duffy, Fyffes marketing manager and part of the team who helped put Banana Day together, “This is especially important for young and growing children… and is a reminder to adults to ‘think bananas'” when it comes to choosing fruit.

This is a time for fruit companies to promote wellness and to show their support for the community. It is not uncommon to see children’s workshops, sports events and other activities during Banana Day, and you can be part of them.

How to Celebrate Banana Day

Check online for Banana-related events where you live, and if you can’t find any, then enjoy a few bananas to get in sync with the holiday’s fruity spirit!

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