Jun 10 is Ball Point Pen Day, and before you say this holiday isn’t for you, just think of how many ballpoint pens you have used in your life! Here’s what you need to know about this inky date.

Ball Point Pen Day

Jun 10 is Ball Point Pen Day, and it’s a day to salute the creator of the ever-reliable writing tool! The thing is, some inventions are flashier than others — you can surely tell a rocket ship is more impressive than a ballpoint pen. Still, which one has taken our civilization the furthest?

Thoughts are powerful, and they only become useful when written down. Sure, pencils and fountain pens have (or had) their uses, but ballpoint pens soon found their way into every school, office and home. Hey, you might even have one with you right now!

The ballpoint pen is a recent invention going back to the 1940s, and now they’re mass produced and sold for a few cents. Still, they’re quite a technological innovation. Having a miniature steel rolling ball stay in one place, allowing for even ink distribution, is mind boggling. You certainly need patience to create such a gadget!

The most common ballpoint pen is the rollerball pen, powered by water-based ink, and let’s not forget about the popular erasable pens pioneered in the 90s. Those were life-changing, too!

So, let’s celebrate pens, and let’s use them! Smartphones and tablets are cool and all, but if you want to write down something for prosperity, then there’s still nothing better than a notebook and a ballpoint pen.

Let’s thank inventors and their unstoppable will. Let’s celebrate the small things in life that make our lives easier, starting with the reliable ballpoint pen!

History of Ball Point Pen Day

Ball Point Pen Day commemorates the invention of the handy writing tool. It was created in 1941 by the Hungarian naturalized Argentine László Biro, which is why the pen was called Birome or Biró for a while.

The idea of a rolling steel ball spreading ink on any surface was not new, some attempts to create such gadget were made as far back as 1888. Still, the technology to create the modern ballpoint pen wasn’t available.

Up to the 1940s, the fountain pen was the only way of writing with ink, and although today these items are pretty collectible, they weren’t very reliable. Compared to the ballpoint pen, they’re entirely outdated.

How to Celebrate Ball Point Pen Day

Celebrate ballpoint pens, but also have a toast for innovation, inventiveness and creativity. Inventors like the good folks behind ballpoint pens have changed our lives, even with the apparently simplest creations!

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