April Holidays

The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, and it is often raining. It must be April, the fourth month of the year. However, at one time, it was the second month of the year.

According to the oldest Roman calendars, a year was only ten months which began in March and ended in December. According to the Roman calendar, when April was the second month of the year, it had 30 days, like it does today. The name April comes from the Roman word ‘aprilis’ for the second, which signifies that that was the second month for a long time.

However, when the year 450 BCE rolled around, and when it became the fourth month of the year after January and February factors into the calendar, April only had 29 days. After Julius Caesar reformed the calendar, April had 30 days again. Nothing has changed about April since that time in the Gregorian calendar.

There is also the belief that the name April comes from the word ‘aperrire,’ which is Latin ‘to open,’ as it represents the opening of flower bugs and tree growth as that is what spring in the Northern Hemisphere means. There is also the belief that the name April comes from the Goddess Aphrodite. Let’s now talk about some fun facts about April.

Fun Facts About April

Tiny animals that hibernated during winter begin emerging from their burrows in April. The birds also fly north to start expanding their families. Butterflies and bees begin to take nectar from flowers blooming early on in the spring season.

While planting is known to start happening in April in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere, that is harvest season.

The funniest day of the year is April 1st, known as April Fool’s Day, where people play pranks on each other and joke around.

April is a great month to look at meteor showers, known as the Lyrids shower, which you can see from April 16th to the 26th. The second one is the Eta Aquariids meteor shower which you can see after April 21st.


Famous April Birthdays

  • The late English playwright, actor, and poet William Shakespeare was born in April 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. His plays were based on tragic settings except for a few, as several were comedic.
  • Leonardo DaVinci was born on April 15h, 1452, as he was an Italian polymath of the High Renaissance. He was known to be extremely talented – more like one of the most talented individuals around.
  • Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21st, 1926, in London, UK, and was the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York.

April calendar

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